Episode 18

Everything Maths with Incoming teacher, Dr Tim Honeywill

#018 - Welcome back to the The NatMatSci Podcast, brought to you by The National Mathematics & Science College. This is the podcast to let you find out more about NatMatSci by hearing staff and students talking about their experiences, all unscripted and unplugged, so that you can hear what life is really like at the college.

Today with in the world of maths with a new teacher of the subject, Dr Tim Honeywill. Tim’s a great guy, he loves all things maths, he loves looking at things in the world with a mathematical mind and, as you might expect, he can’t wait to start teaching at the college. But as well as that we also talk about music, something Tim is very much into when he’s not at work, so stick around to find out what his personal project is in this field.

But first, join me as we step into the maths department and speak to the new teacher, Dr Tim Honeywill.

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